Our Studios

All-in-one solution for your business. 

Studio features:

  • 36 foot Cyclorama
  • RGB Lights to create amazing effects.
  • Projector
  • Black Wall
  • Sound Deadened room to cut down on stray sounds
  • Reflective sound canceling panels to cut all reverb
  • Backdrops with green or black

Podcast Studio

  • 8 channel recorder that records 8 inputs simultaneously and on individual tracks for ease of editing
  • 6 cardioid microphones with windscreens on articulating arms
  • computer or cell phone interface for call ins
  • Camera mount for live streaming

Meeting Area

  • 4k TV with streaming and casting ability as well as available HDMI interface
  • Speakerphone for dial-ins.
  • Color Printing available up to 11×17

The Studios

Colorful San Diego Night
Production Studios

The goal of Cypher Studios is to gather local creatives and offer them professional-quality creative spaces for rent through which they can grow, excel, and launch their productions to the next level. We offer a premier video production studio rental in San Diego, where you can use the entire studio and sound stage in any configuration you need. Be it a green or white cyclorama, a talk show set up with a nice backdrop and a couple nice chairs with a table to discuss topics of your choice, or even a kitchen set up for your next cooking show idea—the possibilities are endless!

Podcast Studio

Our video production studio rental service in San Diego is capable of tackling many forms of media, including the next big shift in business marketing—the podcast. Currently 41% of the US population listen to podcasts daily and this is expected to double by 2020. Have you ever heard the expression, “Get in front of a trend or get out of the way?” Well, it’s time to get in front of this one, and you can get started here at Cypher Studios.

Meeting Area

Meeting up at a local coffee shop can be very noisy, distracting, unprofessional and you can have people listening in on your private conversations.

Our creative spaces for rent include a professional meeting area that has everything you need to host your client and look good while doing it.