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Our Studios

All-in-one solution for your business. 

The Studios

Production Studios

The goal of Cypher Studios is to gather local creatives and offer them professional-quality creative spaces for rent through which they can grow, excel, and launch their productions to the next level. We offer a premier video production studio rental in San Diego, where you can use the entire studio and sound stage in any configuration you need. Be it a green or white cyclorama, a talk show set up with a nice backdrop and a couple nice chairs with a table to discuss topics of your choice, or even a kitchen set up for your next cooking show idea—the possibilities are endless!

Studio A features:

  • Chroma Green Cyclorama
  • Endless white wall
  • RGB Lights to create amazing effects.
  • Projector
  • Sound treated room to cut down on stray sounds
  • Reflective sound canceling panels to cut all reverb
  • Backdrop pulleys and bar
  • Starting at just $75/hr

Studio B features:

  • Modern room feel, wood accent wall
  • Customizable décor 
  • Pre lit, walk in, quick set up design
  • Sound treated room to cut down on stray sounds
  • Reflective sound canceling panels to cut all reverb
  • Starting at just $100/hr

Podcast Studio

Our video production studio rental service in San Diego is capable of tackling many forms of media, including the next big shift in business marketing—the podcast. Currently 41% of the US population listen to podcasts daily and this is expected to double by 2020. Have you ever heard the expression, “Get in front of a trend or get out of the way?” Well, it’s time to get in front of this one, and you can get started here at Cypher Studios.

  • Multi channel recording  simultaneously and on individual tracks for ease of editing
  • Super Cardioid microphones
  • computer or cell phone interface for call ins
  • Upgrade to live streaming
  • Starting at $50/hr

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Meetup Space

Meeting up at a local coffee shop can be very noisy, distracting, unprofessional and you can have people listening in on your private conversations.

Our creative spaces for rent include a professional meeting area that has everything you need to host your client and look good while doing it.

  • 4k TV with streaming and casting ability as well as available HDMI interface
  • Speakerphone for dial-ins.
  • Color Printing available