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A Streamlined Solution for your Creation

For The Inventor

Interactive Dashboard

Your invention at your fingertips. Walk step by step through the whole process in one place.

Cloud Storage

All files related to or regarding your product can be saved through your online dashboard in case of file loss through personal computer, at no cost to our inventors.
We feel it is necessary to keep all documents secure within our software because we do not want our clients to lose their work, especially knowing how long it can take to bring a product to life. Something as important as a CAD drawing can take weeks to replace and is not an option for a fully functioning company.

3D Viewer

Productize provides a 3D Viewing portal that allows you to see every aspect of your design and is compatible with all 3D formats!
Most of our users are new to product design, and many do not have the capabilities to view 3D models on their personal computers. We can white label a software and directly inject it into the coding of our website to allow all users to gain access to 3D viewers.

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Efficient Bid Process

Get multiple bids on your design work! Compare pricing, ratings, and reviews to determine the best designer for you and your budget!
We will have users on many different budget ranges. Allowing them to collect bids will help them stay within their budget or allow them a starting point to save their money. This will also encourage our designers to provide the best value and will not be able to stack pricing compared to competitors, because our freelancers will never see the bids other freelancers give.

Work Flow

Productize has streamlined its workflow, ensuring that our inventors follow the necessary steps needed to bring a product to market.
A workflow is necessary to ensure that our inventors follow the steps so that they can efficiently produce a product without wasting money or time. With our streamlined process, it shows them exactly what needs to be done to move to the next step. This helps make sure that our investors do not file for an IP before their product final with no flaws.

Single Point Platform

Productize is an all-in-one product, business, production, and funding development platform. Work with those that are directly affiliated with Productize, from start to finish.
One of the major pain points from the surveyed users is they struggled to find designers or marketing agents. But another interested piece of information gathered from the survey, is that as the inventors got further into the development of a product, the more likely they were to quit and stop producing. By presenting all of these options on one platform, I believe that we can increase the number of inventors that make it through the entire process from beginning to end.

Secure Payment Gateway

Don’t worry about sending a payment to the designers, coaches, or legal representatives! Our secure payment gateway ensures allows you to pay directly through Productize, and never have to deal with an offsite payment processor.
The assumption that we made here is that many people are wary of offsite payment processors. It is extremely easy to design false websites, and payment centers, meaning people are looking out more than ever.

Inventor Document Templates (NDA, Terms, Etc.)

Legal Documents can be very stressful, and hard to understand. Don’t worry we provide a template that only requires a few pieces of information that only take a few minutes to fill out, and fully protect your interests!
We feel that this is necessary because as a new inventor, it is very easy to be taken care of. With some inventions, they can unknowingly be gold mines, and need to be fully protected before any information is transferred to any designer or manufacturer.


Manage all of your day to day tasks, see upcoming seminars, and schedule meetings with freelancers with our integrated calendar!
We think it is important to begin to have our inventors focus on their calendar, as they become more integrated within entrepreneurship and focusing on time slots. We can also showcase some of our free seminars and paid seminars on the calendar which may produce additional revenue.

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Task Manager

Receive push-notifications through our mobile application to remind you of upcoming tasks and meetings to help you stay on track!
The task manager helps our users stay on track, leave notes before they quit for the night, and remind them of small tasks that need to be done.

In App Consulting

Are you an expert entrepreneur looking to scale your company? New to business and need help with a Business Plan? We have a business coach for everyone, in any phase of business!
The reason many of our clients come to us, is because they are relatively new to business, and may not know how to structure their company correctly. By providing business coaches, we can help our inventors get the information and assure them that they are on the right track to launching their product.

Monthly Coaching Sessions

Future Build
Productize will host Monthly online webinars that feature top freelancers covering topics relevant to their field of work.
This helps give credibility to the freelancers, the platform and can serve as thought triggers for the inventors.

For The Freelancer

Interactive Dashboard

See all pending bids, current jobs, and past jobs with an easy toggle dashboard
One of the chief complaints of the freelancers was dashboard unfamiliarity. By creating a user-friendly dashboard with quick access to all jobs, bids and past jobs, allowing them to fully exercise their needs as a company.

Low Cost bids

With Productize, we do not charge our freelancers a percentage. We fully believe that the money you gain from your job should be yours. With our low-cost bids, you are able to collect on the full job.
Many other freelance platforms take a percentage of the job, ranging from 10-20% of the full ticket price of the job. This means if a freelancer gets 10 jobs at an average of $299, they will pull in around $2,999, but will end up paying an average of $450 to the platform. With Productize, we incentivize our freelancers to pocket their ticket, but pay a small bid fee or a monthly recurring fee to produce bids. The same freelancer that brought in 10 jobs at $299, would only pay Productize $29.

Leads come to you

We send out requests for bids as they come in from our inventors, meaning the bids come directly to you mean you can spend more time working than marketing!
The assumption here is that our freelancers want more work and would rather spend their time working than looking for jobs. By sending the request for bids directly to them, they don’t go without work for extended periods of time.

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Payment direct to Bank

With Productize, we work on efficiency, and there is nothing efficient about credits being directed into your account, just to make you transfer that money into your account. It wastes time.
The freelancing community has faced this for years and needs to change. When a job is completed on a typical freelancing website, the money is deposited into their user account on that website. Meaning they have to go and deposit that money into their bank accounts, which can take 2-3 business days.

Pre-Qualified Leads

By the time you receive a lead, our users have already expressed great interest in receiving a design, and already have a Non-Disclosure Agreement filled out for you to sign!
We assume that this will be a huge selling point for our freelancers, because our leads are very interested in pursuing a design, and potentially more work in the near future.

Bid Control

You set your own value, nobody else!
The assumption here is that freelancers care about value for work. In the due diligence 22% had an issue with either value for money or inability to charge enough. By allowing them to charge what they think the job is worth.