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Presenting your Latest Tech Product

Cypher Studios offers tech vendors and entrepreneurs the opportunity to hold technology product demonstrations on their own terms. Our presentation rooms for rent are perfect for holding conferences and demonstrations for your business. Our technology presentation program allows creative individuals and businesses to rent studio time and hold demos to showcase their latest developments in production technology and other related fields. This opportunity gives tech professionals and production enthusiasts a chance to touch base, test products, and receive feedback in a creative and like-minded environment. By including your presentation in one of our meet-up groups or classes, you will have direct access to a group of individuals that form an ideal audience.

Presenting your Latest Tech Product
Presenting your Latest Tech Product

Latest Tech available to you

Our technology presentation program allows presenters to show-off their tech in action, instead of a purely conceptual or narrative presentation. We give you the tools and resources to take your abstract concepts and make them real. Rather than simply discussing what your technology solution could theoretically do, you can show your audience what it’s capable of. Our presentation rooms for rent are stocked with all the tech and equipment you’ll need to deliver a successful technology product demonstration. 

Our presentation room includes:

  • Large conference table and chairs
  • 60-inch 4k television with streaming and casting ability, complete with an HDMI interface
  • 8-foot white board
  • Speakerphone for conference calls
  • Full color printing available in sizes up to 11×17

A technology presentation program such as ours gives tech vendors and entrepreneurs an incredible opportunity to test the waters for their tech product. Convince like-minded people of your product’s potential with a slam dunk presentation. We can help you strategize your ideal presentation method so that your message comes across exactly the way you’ve planned for all along.

Let Cypher Studios elevate your tech presentation to the next level!