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Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Some of the equipment we have at Cypher Studios

Cypher Studios _59-1



Modern Cameras

  • Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 4.6K cinema camera with SSD and HDMI upgrades

  • Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

  • Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K
  • Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro
  • Canon DSLR cameras (70D, T6i, T3i, and more)

  • GoPro Hero 3, 4, 5, and 7

  • Matterport Pro2 3D scanner

Vintage Cameras

  • Canon EOS 620

  • Pentax KS Super II

  • Asahi Pentax Spotmatic

  • Polaroid SX-70


Gimbals & Stabilizers

  • Glidecam 4000 Pro with Smooth Shooter arm and vest

  • Glidecam HD 2000 with Smooth Shooter arm and vest

  • DJI Ronin RS2 with Raven Eye, Lidar Focus assist and 4th axis stabilization upgrade
  • DJI Ronin S with 4th axis stabilization upgrade

  • DJI Osmo X5, Osmo, & Osmo Pocket miniature gimbal-stabilized cameras

  • 2x Tilta Nucleus N wireless lens controllers

  • Wireless HD video monitors


  • DJI S900

  • DJI Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X5s

  • DJI Matrice 200 with XT2 FLIR

  • DJI Inspire with Zenmuse X5
  • DJI Inspire with Zenmuse X3
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro
  • DJI Mavic Air 2



Supports & Rigs

  • 8 foot Jib camera crane
  • Cambo studio camera stand

  • 6ft portable crane

  • 6ft heavy duty track dolly

  • 3ft portable slider

  • Multiple shoulder rigs

  • Multiple fluid head tripods


  • Rokinon Cine DS 6-lens kit (EF mount 14, 24, 35, 50, 85, and 135mm)

  • Metabones active MFT to EF speed booster

  • Vintage Pentax SMC lenses with Canon EF adapter (50mm, 80-200mm, 2x teleconverter)

  • Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 IS, 20mm f/1.8

  • Canon 50mm USM, 85mm USM, EF-S 24mm STM, EF-S 10-18mm STM, 70-300 USM




Musical Instruments

  • Roland TD-25K V-Drum electronic drum set with Gibraltar rack and double bass pedal

  • Taylor 814CE acoustic/electric guitar

  • Creation acoustic/electric guitar

  • Fender Deluxe Strat HSS

  • Ibanez RG series 6-string electric with Edge III floating tremolo and 3 humbucker pickups, including upgraded Seymour Duncan Hot Rails

  • Fender Strat with custom electronics, 3 single-coil pickups and upgraded maple neck

  • Gretsch Pro Jet with Gibsby tremolo

  • Line 6 Helix LT, Paul Cochrane Timmy, Strymon Big Sky, Boss Super Overdrive, Caline Pure Sky, EHX Deluxe Memory Boy, MXR 10-band EQ

  • Ibanez 5-string electric bass with active pickups

  • Fender Blues Jr. 1×12 tube guitar amp

  • Blackstar HT-1 1×8 tube guitar amp

  • Yamaha 5-string electric violin

  • Other percussion, including Meinl cajon, shaker, djembe, cowbell, etc.


  • LED softboxs

  • LED linear tube lights

  • LED Smith-Victor A80

  • Tungsten ETC Source Four ellipsoidal (750 watts)

  • Tungsten PAR (600 watts)

  • Par32 cans
  • Pocket bi-color LED devices
Sound studio recording equipment, music mixer controls at concert or party in a night club. Soft effect on photo


Microphone in modern radio station broadcasting studio

Editing & Mixing Suites

  • 3 custom built editing workstations capable of 8K video editing

  • Audio production suite with calibrated 11-speaker mixing room (capable of mixing surround sound including Dolby Atmos)

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, etc.)

  • DaVinci Resolve Studio (editing, color correction, special effects)

  • Ableton Live (Audio mixing, music production)
  • Avid Pro Tools (Audio mixing, music production)

  • Melodyne Studio (vocal correction, pitch and timing adjustment)

  • Audio plugins & synths by Native Instruments, Waves, Softube, Avid, TDR, Blue Cat, Melda, and many more


  • Audio Technica 875R

  • Sennheiser ME66 with K6

  • Rode VideoMic Pro

  • Countryman B3 lavalier

  • Rode Wireless Go

  • MXL 992 (matched pair)

  • MXL V63M

  • AKG D1000e

  • Shure SM58

  • Tascam DR100 MkII portable audio recorder