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Co-Op Network

Membership has its benefits

One Point of contact

The production value of a large firm with the small guy personalization and feel. We work with you one on one and make the magic happen behind the scenes with out expert team.

Network with Professionals

Producers, directors, indie film maker and animation artist just to name a few. Networking is the key to success especially in this business.

24 Hour Availability

We know as creatives we work at different times or you need to crunch late into the night to finish off the clients list of changes. Relax we are open and here for you.

Professional Studios

Cypher Studios has Podcast / Livestream Studio, a 28 foot green screen, custom set and backdrops available for your production needs.

Professional Location

Plenty of space, open environment to get things done right. Open parking, kitchen with coffee and snacks, conference room and a relaxing open greeting area make this a top notch place to be.

Professional Office

Avoid the distractions others have because they are working at home. When you work with Cypher Studios you are welcome to come into the office to work along side us on your project.

What We Do

Leveraging the power of many, Cypher studios brings the power and creativity of a large film studio to the realm that local businesses can get real value with. The goal of Cypher Studios is to bring local creatives and give them a platform by which they can grow excel and launch their productions to the next level. Think shared workspace and business incubator for the creative industries. We host a base of operations that you can network with other professionals all while having access to a steady stream of Cypher Studios productions to work on. Win-Win-Win!


Services we offer

Shared workspace is a trend that is just starting to take off. The cost of running your own office can get rather expensive, you have rent, utilities, insurances, just to name a few. This can get into the thousands of dollars a month. Now for just a fraction of that cost you have access to a professional office that has a conference room to meet with your clients in private. You can set up your laptop, tablet or computer and work as long as you want.

You will also have access to the Editing suite that has is set up with a full Adobe CC suite and other tools. A podcast suite that has a multi channel recording suite that you can use to record anything from voice over to Podcast. A photo studio space that comes with green screen or you can hang any custom backdrop you have.

Network with like minded professionals. We have all heard the phrase “its not what your know its Who you know” well at Cypher Studios its all about networking and building working relationships. as a Bonus Cypher Studios hires from the members to work on our productions! That means you can get paid by being a member! You get a chance to work in the field and behind the scenes with our clients and our producers.

Our Studio

Come say Hi!

We’re located at the heart of Downtown Escondido, at the busy streets ofCentre City and 9th Ave. If you can’t find us in our office make sure to check out all the Starbucks around the area cause we’re most likely there!