In the inaugural Cypher Studios’ Legacy Podcast Series, “Master Gun Speaks,” Master Gunnery Sergeant Samuel Davis, Jr., retired from the United States Marine Corp, will explore what it was like for him to join the Marines in 1960 America.

Some of the highlights covered in this episode are:

  • The Culture Shock of traveling from the North to the South.
  • Making your “Rack.”
  • Patriotism and prejudice in America.
  • It doesn’t rain on a Marine.
  • How the movie “Pinky” affected a whole Marine Corp base.
  • At Mumford point, how a seafaring Marine becomes a steward.
  • Reading five newspapers a day.
  • Only two types of Marines, the one who is going and the ones who have been, volunteering for Viet Nam.

MGySgt. Davis became one of the highest enlisted ranks in the United States Marine Corps during a very tumultuous time in American History.  This episode, “The Making of a Marine,” walks us through the first part of this arduous journey that ultimately turns into triumph.

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this podcast or comments posted referencing this podcast do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions held by Cypher Studios or its management.   Nothing in this podcast should be taken as a recommendation or endorsement of any kind for any product or viewpoint.

Master Gun Speaks – Episode 1 – The Making of a Marine
Mastergun Speaks

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